Editorial policy

Scandinavian Philology is an interdisciplinary periodic academic journal. Its goal is to inform the academic community about new developments in Scandinavian and Dutch Studies and invites contributions from Russia, Eastern and Northern Europe, and other parts of the world.

Scandinavian Philology is the only publication in Russia specialized in Scandinavian and Dutch Studies. As a platform for an open discussion of research in the field, the journal aims to connect scholars exploring different research avenues in Scandinavian and Dutch Studies and create a single academic space across various countries (see “Editorial Policy”).

Scandinavian Philology publishes academic papers on a broad variety of topics including the lexicology, grammar and history of the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faeroese and Dutch languages as well as Scandinavian and Dutch literature. We welcome submissions on the culture and art of Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands and interdisciplinary research. Contributions will be allocated to the following series: Linguistics, Literary Studies, Translation Theory, Cultural Studies and Art Criticism.

Humanities research has an important mission to fulfill: to preserve and develop national cultures including national languages. The journal of Scandinavian Philology is committed to this noble mission. We offer our authors a choice of languages to publish their research in including Russian, English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish. Every submission in any of the above languages should include an abstract and a list of keywords in Russian and English. Bibliographic information in Russian should be transliterated in English. St Petersburg State University provides translation services to authors who would like their contribution to be translated into English.


All manuscripts are subject to double blind review (see “Reviewing Policy”)


Submitted manuscripts should comply with submission guidelines. Manuscripts that fail to follow the journal’s guidelines are not considered for publication.


The journal is published twice a year.

Recommended length of manuscript is from 16–30,000 symbols including spaces.

Submission deadlines are April 1st and October 1st.

Deadline to submit an article to the nearest issue – 15 august 2018.